Torsdag den 6 juni 2019 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Re: Beethoven
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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Isaac Newton

Re: On the Shoulders of Giants is a project born out of necessity for exploration and sharing. As musicians we always admire our musical forefathers and aspire to become as great as them, but not often enough, we let the audience in on our journey, or rather let the audience experience how important they are to the music we create.

Re: Beethoven is our first foray into the known and unknown of the life and music of the legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven. We invite you into his study and his legacy. Two Aalborg based performers and composers: Malte Mønster Frost and Dan Hejslet - will tackle his music and create new works based on their impressions of Beethoven’s ouvre specially for this night. Joined by a contemporary dancer - Luna Cantillo and a live visual artist - Maroš Pekárik we aim to create an atmosphere infatuated with the energy of Beethoven’s persona.


Malte Mønster Frost - guitar, composition

Dan Hejslet - trumpet, composition

Edgars Cirulis - keyboards, synths

Albert Reinholdt Østergaard - basses

Jakob Lundø Nielsen - sound design, synths

Luna Cantillo - dance

Maroš Pekárik - visual arts

Doors 20:00

Cover 50 kr