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Halshug (DK)
Kill Trip (DK)

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The Copenhagen-based hardcore-punk trio release a third studio album titled “Drøm” (“Dream”) by summer, 2019. With the new record the band expand their sound with experimental elements and longer songs. The tempo and the force are high but have been taken down a notch compared to their earlier LP’s “Sort sind” and “Blodets bånd” from 2016 and 2015.

Halshug have been active in the Copenhagen underground rock scene with their gloomy hardcore-punk since late 2012. Since the first shows, the guitar passages have gradually become longer, the lyrics more audible (although they are in Danish) and the mid-tempo songs take up more of the set-list than the fast-paced songs.

Just like the two earlier albums, the new record “Dream” is released by Southern Lord (Greg Anderson, Sunn o))). It is Recorded by Simon Sonne (Orm) in Copenhagen and mixed at Dead Air Studio, MA, USA (The Men, Warthog, etc.) and mastered by Peter Peter (The Sods, Bleeder, etc.)

Halshug have played many shows around Europe and in the USA since the release of their demo-tape in 2012, they have been nominated for a critic’s award and have played the biggest festivals in Denmark.

Halshug are:

Jakob Johnsen – bass/vocals

Mathias Schønberg – guitar

Mads Folmer Richter –drums


?Kill Trip delivers an in-your-face sludge rock soundtrack for the end of humanity!

The band plays sludgy riffs combined with energetic punk and hardcore elements. Justesen's vocals range from a dark and somber “Weltschmerz” tone to an aggressive “FUCK THE SYSTEM!” assault.

The band is inspired by the bands they heard when they were young, like Down, Life of Agony and Alice in Chains. But also newer acts such as Red Fang, Mastodon and Kowloon Walled City are inspirations.

The lyrical universe circle around the desperation and frustration of poverty, drug addiction, death, the degradation of the climate, war, religion/spirituality, mysticism and the natural elements that surround us.

A special driving force is the fear of becoming the generation who will witness the demise of the planet.

Kill Trip is Karsten Gøeg, drums; Thomas Gajhede, guitars; Claus Langkjær, bass and Rasmus Justesen, vocals. The first three came from the hard rock band Oktan (2006-2014 with ex-Mnemic frontman Michael Bøgballe), who in 2011 released the album Black Leaves and White Trash. Thomas played guitar in the hard rock band 9000 Johnny Doe (Redneck is the New Black, 2014). In 2014 the three formed Kill Trip with Rasmus Justesen from the elektronica duo Sun on Us, who in 2015 released the album Damages.

The band will release a full length album in november 2019. Listen to a preview of the apocalypse on