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***CANCELLED*** The Obsessed (USA)
Jerkstore (local)

Damn it! Once again the Obsessed have to cancel their european tour. Message from Wino below.

We are sad, but all tickets will automatically be refunded. Expect money on your account within a few days.

We hope to present the Obsessed one day at our humble stage!


Hello to all our fans and friends . We are saddened to say that all European Obsessed shows in fall have been cancelled . The facts are: After an arrest in Norway I was banned from Norway and all the Schengen countries for five years. Its been five years . Recently we found out, only by chance, that the norwegian govt was not only deceptive about the ability to enter other countries by visa but also intentionaly delayed filing my appeal that I filed in a timely manner in accordance with Norwegian law. This added an extra year to the ban consequently keeping THE OBSESSED from being able to play in Europe (UK is not included in the ban). I feel I have been wronged by these events. I have accepted responsibility for my actions initially but now our hands are tied. Knowledge of these actions by the Norwegian govt only came to light when i arrived in Berlin to play acoustic set at Desertfest earlier this year. After being detained 10 hours i was luckily granted a temporary three day visa, but advised by the German border police of the extended ban etc. We are seeking legal recourse now and will be over to play as soon as we can. Our most sincere apologies .

Thanks to all who believe.


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The DC Doom Rock pioneers who were formed in 1976 by Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls & The Hidden Hand)


Jerkstore blev dannet i 1995 og er dermed et af de ældste, eksisterende aalborgensiske bands.

Jerkstore albumdebuterede i 1999 med Anti-Jukebox på selskabet drug(s)/Mighty Music. Siden er følgende fire albums fulgt:

Hard Words Softly Spoken (2000)

Blood On Canvas (2004)

The Dream Society (2007)

The Road Ends (2012).

Jerkstore udgiver i år til oktober deres sjette album, The Great Time Robbery, på et endnu ikke offentliggjort selskab (Jerkstore har skrevet pladekontrakt, men ikke offentliggjort aftalen endnu,). Albummet er mixet og mastret af den amerikanske producer Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, King Crimson m.fl.)

Jerkstore spiller metalrock med inspiration fra navne som Helmet, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains og Pantera samt store doser klassisk rock. Jerkstore har spillet med et hav af bands gennem årene (Volbeat, Raunchy, Therapy?, Grope, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Melted, Mevadio, Sea of Green og mange flere), rundt omkring i landet bl.a. på Spot festivalen i 2002. Samme år turnerede vi i England.

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Ungraven (NO)
Sixies (US)

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Ungraven bolt foul and orc-ish Norwegian black metal spite to the majestic rusted frame of nineties Midlands post-hardcore industrial brutality: a wheezing iron hulk of aggro-infused pessimism that aims to blast your ungrateful head clean off your shoulders.

For fans of Celtic Frost. Godflesh. Fudge Tunnel. Nailbomb. Bathory. Big Black. Khost. Conan.


UN is a doom metal band from Seattle, WA. UN received critical praise from across the heavy metal underground for their groundbreaking sophomore opus, “Sentiment” (released September 28, 2018 via Translation Loss Records). Praised by Decibel Magazine, Metal Injection, Revolver Magazine, Stereogum, and more, Sentiment earned widespread recognition and became 2018’s most sought after doom record.

Unafraid to reveal somber themes of tragedy, sorrow, and isolation, UN fueled each note of Sentiment with purpose, resulting in overwhelming waves of thunderously crushing doom and emotive sonic soundscapes. Blending soaring post-rock, shoe-gaze, and funeral doom, UN have carefully crafted monoliths that deeply explore the romance and poetry of fragile human existence making Sentiment one of the year’s most gripping and emotive doom records.

Originally formed in 2012, the quartet consisting of Monte McCleery on guitar and vocals, Clayton Wolf on bass, David Wright on guitar, and Alex Bytnar (joined in 2017) on drums, UN began to burst out of the underground with their debut full-length The Tomb of All Things (released December 4, 2015 on Black Bow Records). Touring significantly throughout the US with the likes of Hissing, Fister, Usnea, Badr Vogu, Withered, Oryx, Body Void, and more, UN became sought-after for their powerful and heart-wrenching performances. UN have performed at 71Grind II, Midnight Communion IV, Northwest Terror Fest, Austin Terror Fest, and more. Grabbing attention from Translation Loss Records, UN released their landmark album Sentiment on September 28, 2018. UN will release the third pressing of Sentiment in late 2019. Following Sentiment, UN released a split LP (February 15, 2018, Translation Loss Records) with UK’s Coltsblood, again to critical acclaim. Undeniably magnificent, UN are reaching far beyond the norms of their genre to create a unique and unforgettable sound. Weaving perfectly balanced, slow-burning mastery with exceptional musicality, UN have evolved to shape the future of not only doom, but heavy metal itself.


Sixes are a blackened doom/sludge band from Southern California. Active since 2016, the band performs an aggressively depressing sound heavily based in drug abuse and misery. They are known to elicit the statement of "Worship Amps Not Gods" as part of their ethos. (source:http://riffipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Sixes)

Like all good sludge bands, Sixes know their way around menacing feedback that will probably give you an irregular heartbeat (or best case scenario: tinnitus).

-Nic Huber, Metal Injection "If I could describe SIXES in one word, it’d be “Grindhouse.” Not because their craft is shabby, but because the approach to their core focus, even in this day and age, is taboo, violent, and abrasive."

-Elizabeth Gore, Doomed & Stoned. "This has all that a growing sludge fan needs: slow riffs - check, sandy growling bass - check, claustrophobic drums - check, feedback - check" -Regnars Breikss, Shit Regnar Says. "A powerful knockout session to your senses."

-Marty Jones, Vitriol Inc. "If you’ve got 10 minutes and want to have the foulness of your mood reinforced, the four-piece work in defiance of their regional climate to kick the shit out of your ears for a while. Sure enough, it’ll make your sunny day dark."

-JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

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Nebula (USA)

Due to personal reasons the band had to cancel their European tour. All tickets bought has been refunded... Pre-sale ticket: Tryk her!
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Guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano formed NEBULA in 1997 after breaking away from desert rock pioneers Fu Manchu, eventually recruiting bassist Mark Abshire. The power trio specializes in feedback-drenched heavy rock, incorporating liberal doses of Black Sabbath riffery, psychedelia, and space rock. The band released a number of EPs before moving onto full-length albums like 1999's To the Center and 2001's Charged. They've mainly distinguished themselves as a very hard-working live unit

NEBULA creates pure guitar-driven, conscious expanding rock for the 21st century. They are a culmination of their rock forbearers such as Jimi Hendrix, MC5, The Stooges and Mudhoney turned up a notch, taken to the next level and blasting through space. NEBULA spread their gospel through their music and what they are preaching will leave the congregation on the floor.

In 2017 the band decided to reissue three of their crucial early works via Heavy Psych Sounds Records: 1998’s Let it Burn, 1999’s To the Center and 2002’s Dos EPs, which includes the material originally released on 1999’s Sun Creature and a Nebula/Lowrider split.

Followed by the re-release of NEBULA's Charged and the special release of Demos & Outtakes '98-02 in early 2019, this summer and after 13 years will be seeing the band return with not only a new line-up but also their brand new full-length, a news that will definitely make every desert rock-heart beat faster.